Moses Celebrates Birthday #7 -- With Stuffed Crust!

We are a BIG family, so going out to eat is a very, very special event.  We sometimes go out for birthdays, although, when we do, it requires the party room at most restaurants (especially if we invite anyone else to join us!)

My son Moses turned 7 yesterday.  He saw a commercial for a "stuffed crust" pizza and insisted that it was what he wanted for his birthday.  We promised to take him to our Pizza Hut in Blair, Nebraska mid-afternoon.  We would pretty much have the place to ourselves.

Since we homeschool, the boys are best friends.  They sometimes ask for other kids to join in on things, but not usually.  Having them close in age guarantees that they are never truly without playmates.  We invited my niece and nephew to come to the party, and I think the lady at the counter assumed we were taking on 8 random kids.... they had no idea that 6 of them were siblings!

After some presents, we had our orders in for food.  I hadn't had Pizza Hut pizza in years.  Some items on the menu had changed, but the pan crust... it was just as awesome as I had remembered it being as a child.  (Remember the "Book It" program?  Those little personal pizzas I earned for reading were such a treat for this little farm girl.)

What did we eat?  What DIDN'T we eat!!!

The prized pizza with the "bubble" of cheese in the crust....

Taco pizza, meat-lovers, cheesy-crusts, pasta, breadsticks, pitchers of soda, and fresh coffee.  It was a blast!  (And we came in at a budget much lower than taking everyone to a sit-down restaurant with individual dishes.)

We finished it off with our little Lego Minifig Cupcakes -- compliments of my daughter.  Sure, we could have taken the kids to an indoor play zone with pizzas or a pizza buffet, but when it was all over, I was full, happy, and not nearly as exhausted.  We took our leftovers home and enjoyed a movie as a family.

It was a good day....

*Opinions are my own. This post was not done in conjunction with Pizza Hut or sponsored in any way.