Not Quite a Man... but Smelling Like One?

This post was written in partnership with Old Spice. All opinions are completely mine.

My oldest son is just 10, but we are already noticing that he's wanting to keep a hygiene program that's more like that of a grown guy than a little boy.  Since I don't need any of my guys being stinky, I'm OK with this idea.  Implementing it, however, has been a challenge.

Does he use spray deodorant?  Gel?  Will he need a grown-up's body wash?  How about body spray?

While I definitely don't want to discourage anything that can help him smell fresh all day, I also cringe at the idea that he could possibly become one of those "oversprayers" that douse themselves in cologne or body spray and force us all to open a window.  I also don't want him growing up too soon.  What mom does?

The new campaign by Old Spice (the brand my husband happens to already use for deodorants, sprays, and body washes) has a campaign going on right now that cracks me up!  It shows how moms have a hard time letting go of their little boys, even as they start using these products to smell more like men.  Old Spice has always done a good job of making light of the whole hygiene issue.  This commercial is no exception:

While my son is a long way off from dating, we definitely want to take steps now to keep him from becoming "that guy". You know, the one that you can smell long before he enters the room...? My son is homeschooled, so he doesn't exactly compete with many guys to smell the best; in a house with 6 guys, however, it's important he smells good.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the new Old Spice Re-fresh Body Spray (which is designed to last all day) works to keep my son smelling fresh, all day, with just one spray (and none of that stinky "overspray").

Is your son in that "in-between" stage of needing products made for men?  Do you cringe at the thought of the milestones that will follow?  You are not alone; and I have 5 little boys that I get to watch grow up!! (I guess I had better keep things in perspective, or I will be very stressed out by the time they are all grown!)

We'll be sharing more on our experiences with Old Spice, but - in the meantime- you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter!