Review of House of Doolittle Planning Products

It's the start of a new year, which means I get to try out new planning and organizational supplies, which usually include promotional shirtsoffice stationary, business cards, promotional products, and calendars!  Since I've become a full-time blogger and a homeschooler to 5 (the 6th isn't actually schooling yet), I've come to appreciate certain features in both a business planner and a wall calendar.  The two items I reviewed from House of Doolittle really came with everything I need!

First, the business planner.  This was actually one that I gifted to my husband after figuring out it had everything he needed to plan out the coming year here on our farm.  I addition to having lots of space to write, it was well-bound and had a sturdy cover on it.  The month at a glance boxes on the top gave you an easy way to calculate the dates for events in the future.  The weekly layout, conversion charts in the back, and handy expense log on the bottom of each right-hand page, make it perfect for tracking our blog and farm business expenses.  This will be very handy come tax time!

The planner is made from 100% post-consumer paper!

Next, I gave the BIG 2014 calendar desk planner a try.  I never leave these on my desk, however, since I would probably spill something on it.  I like to mount them on my wall with some easy-stick mounting brackets.  The corners are great for tucking in the sheets, and, unlike other calendars I've owned, the sheets tear off very easily, allowing you to save them for your records.  This is also the first monthly calendar I've seen with  "notes" section along the side, perfect for jotting down confirmation numbers, phone numbers, and other important info!

 Just two of the office supplies I buy new each season, the planner and calendar can help keep busy families on the same page.  

 *Samples received to review. from Opinions are 100% my own.