Review of the Ninja Ultima Blender & Chicken Lettuce Cups

We have tested out a few blender this year, but none had as many blades as the Ninja Ultima Blender.  We tried out this blender on something I have never done before: grinding chicken breasts.  I had always avoided recipes that called for ground chicken, because I felt like pre-ground chicken wasn't very fresh.  (More surface area means that air gets into more of the tissue of the chicken sooner, spoiling it much faster than a whole breast.)

I got out two pre-cleaned chicken breasts and tossed them into the Ninja.  I used the "Pulse" button a few times, and the chicken was ground into tiny pieces in no time!  I added a few fresh garlic cloves to the chicken and ground again.  It left me with a moist, evenly ground, and flavorful meat for my lettuce wraps!

Check out the full experience in this video below:


Now that I know how easy it is to grind meat (and clean it up afterward), I've done this with steak for burritos, as well.  It's fun to add fresh spices to the ground meat before cooking; I can add less salt and seasonings, overall.  I also really like the single serving option for using it with the included cups and lids.  I can get rid of my Magic Bullet blender now and have just one powerful option for my kitchen work.

What kind of meat would you grind with a Ninja?  Priced at under $260, this is a reasonable investment for someone needing a high-end blender. 

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