Celebrate the Olympics with These Festive Pretzels!

With the Olympics starting, there has been a lot of buzz on the blogs about activities you can do with your kids.  And while I love crafting and making things with the kids, our favorite creations are those we can eat.  I picked up a homemade pretzel kit (available at Walmart) and put our kneading skills to the test to create a Olympic-inspired pretzel that commemorates the spirit of the event.

We followed the directions on the package, but it's basically the same for all brands of mixes.  Start by mixing the dough.  Then knead it. (This is where some active kids come in handy...)

When it's nice and mixed up, it needs to sit in a warm place for about 30 minutes.

After it has "rested", we can cut off pieces and roll them out to make our pretzels!

We went with little circles.  We made plenty for the kids, but also put five of them together for a connected ring centerpiece.

Then, it's time to bake them as directed on the package.  We seasoned the centerpiece with cinnamon and sugar. (The kids preferred the individual rings to have salt on them.) 

This was such a fun and delicious way to celebrate the start of the Olympic season.  You could do several of these for an Olympic party and even serve with dipping sauces like cheese, marinara, or ranch!

The kids enjoyed using the extra dough to create their own shapes.  What ways could you use pretzel dough to learn about the Olympic games?

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