Jimmy Dean Sends Us to See Hunter Hayes in Omaha!

I have not been much of a country music fan in my lifetime, but I do appreciate good music.  When Jimmy Dean asked if I wanted tickets for our family to see Hunter Hayes perform in Omaha last fall, I was so excited! Everyone knew of this up-and-coming young star, and he is an actual musician (not one of those "synthesized" voices that would be nothing without technology.

I just had baby #6, and had a hard time juggling the new baby at such an event.  Thankfully, my teenage daughter (who is a big fan) took lots of amazing pictures for me.  She had a blast, and you can see from her perspective -- it was quite the event!

Since that fun night, we've tried some of the new Jimmy Dean products that are available at our local Walmart.  My favorite?  It would definitely have to be the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuits.  They are yummy like fast-food fare, but easy to make in the microwave in under 2 minutes.  While they aren't an everyday food (I try to stick to fruits and dairy 3 mornings a week), they make my breakfasts with meat such a treat!  (The kids really like that they can make their own breakfasts, too.)  For big families, I recommend the packs of 20 mini sandwiches.  You can eat these smaller sandwiches as part of a bigger breakfast, and younger kids don't have to split one.

A BIG thank you to the folks at Jimmy Dean for giving us a night to remember!