Beggin' Party Poppers are a Fun Way to Treat your Pup!

Puppies need treats. It's a fact of dog ownership.

From my big dog to my little dog, there are few problems a good treat can't solve, and it's great motivation for training issues around the house.  When we want to call the dog inside, away from danger, or to just say "I love you", a treat can really send the message!

Beggin, a favorite treat brand, has released a novel idea in treat delivery.  Their Beggin' Party Poppers product is a treat container full of yummy treats that actually send the treat flying through the air for the dog to catch (or find... if the catch isn't successful.)

It works something like this...     

Treat is taken out of container and placed on the soft, rubbery lid (right where the pig's "nose" is.)  Press the nose down, so it's dented in, and step away!  Within seconds (how many is a mystery each time), the nose "pops" out and puts the treat high into the air!

We experimented a few times with this product before figuring out that the treat needed to be way up out of the dog's reach.  Otherwise, he isn't patient enough to wait for it... He would snatch it right off the top of the container!

But when it finally went flying...

CHOMP!  That was a good treat...

The Beggin' Party Poppers are available at Walmart stores now! 

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