Busy Mornings Made a Little Easier with Nutri-Grain

I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central for Nutri-Grain. I received product samples and promotional item to thank me for participating. 

People often mistakenly assume that, just because we work at home and homeschool, our mornings aren't in any way frantic.

Yes, we sometimes have the privelige of staying in our pj's a bit longer than most, and we do have some flexibility as to what to eat for breakfast. That doesn't change the fact that I hate cooking first thing in the morning, and I really don't need more dishes to do!  In fact, between homeschooling the 5 kids, and getting through my 700+ emails each morning, the hours between 8 and 10 can be some of the most stressful of my day.  That's why a quick and nutritious breakfast is something I don't just prefer -- I require it!

Nutri-Grain® Fruit & Oat Harvest Cereal Bars are something new we tried this past week as a nice change-up from our traditional granola bars and fruit bars.  These yummy and pretty large bars have 4 grams of protein -- something our other breakfast options don't have.  I really enjoyed the fruity topping, which comes in both Strawberry and Blueberry varieties.  I sometimes can't finish the whole thing, but my 3-year-old knows to check my desk for leftovers!

Most mornings, my commute involves brewing a cup of coffee and snagging a bar from the cupboard, which I carry to my desk in the next room.  No, it's not difficult, but I really do appreciate having a quick and wholesome options for keeping me full, especially as a nursing mom!  (And these bars aren't just for breakfast. I keep a few by my rocking chair so that I have something easy to snag while I'm feeding the baby -- at any time of day.)

Do you do bars in the morning? Do you share them with your kids? What would get you to eat breakfast instead of skipping?  I admit that having food like this on hand can make a different in my hectic day!

You can get the full scoop on these filling bars at the Nutri-Grain Facebook page!