Debbie Macomber's "Blossom Street Brides" is Here!

Debbie Macomber was a new author to me when I first read her Rose Harbor in Bloom title last August.  I had enjoyed her style of writing, so I was happy to try out her new book Blossom Street Brides.

This book, like her others, is written in a clear and relatable tone.  There's little fluff and no pretention; it's just like you were hearing a story from a good friend.  This particular book follows the lives of a handful of women (the book states it the story of three women, but -- when you add in their sisters, daugters, and friends, there are a few more people to keep track of.)  Each is dealing with her own love story: one married, one dating, and one completely unattached.  While you can imagine that the story creates a dilemma for each one, it's not always easy to predict how each woman's lives will intersect.  And that's how it is an interesting read...

This is how a book looks when I finally get done with it....
To be honest, I'm not always eager to read the romance genre.  Unlike Debbie's previous read, this one has quite a bit of kissing and descriptive narrations regarding the passionate feelings of the women.  None of it is inappropriate; it's all tastefully done and in the context of Christian values (although the book is not overtly written in any faith.)  None of the women are perfect; neither are their men.  All of the situations center around a strange knitting basket that is seen floating about town and the mystery of the basket (along with the town yarn store) come into play frequently as a "string" that ties the women's stories together -- no pun intended. I'm not a knitter, so some of the knitting themes are lost on me.

Without spoiling the ending, I'll just say that you'll end up leaving the story satisfied.  Things clean up well for the women, overall, and I don't put it past the author to write another book as a sequel (although you would be OK with this being a standalone read, as well.)

If chick-lit is your thing, you're tired of steamy reads with no heart, or you just need to have a "purely for fun" story to keep you entertained, this is it.  Likeable characters give this book a good vibe; you can pick it up and put it down as your busy life suits you.  Like a good friend (and, apparently a good knitting project), it will be there when you have time for it, never quite ever letting you down.

You can find this new release at Walmart and for $16.45 (37% off list price).

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