Fever Facts and Fun with Children's Advil®

Is there anyone you know with a child you HASN'T had a fever this year?  Me, neither...

In fact, when we have a rampant case of cold of flu with fevers that won't respond to natural methods of reduction, we often go to Children’s Advil® in our medicine cabinet, as it has 3 versions for children of various age ranges and offers fast fever relief that lasts up to 8hrs.  We use:
  • Infant's Advil - for babies ages 6-23 months
  • Children's Advil - for kids ages 2-11 years
  • Jr. Strength Advil - for kids ages 6-11
Did you know that many people often administer OTC fever reducers, such as Children's Advil®, incorrectly?  While it's best to always refer to the packaging dosage for the product you are using, doctors in a recent survey reported that nearly a quarter of parents give their child an adult over-the-counter medication at a lower does to treat their fevers -- a big no-no!

One other common error is to dose your child according to their age, instead of their weight (which is the preferred method of physicians.)  My kids are only 1-3% on the growth charts for weight and height, so we are certain to give them the proper dose for their weight -- NOT their age (which could give them too much medicine for their body size.)

If you have a child who is needing a fever reducer, you'll be pleased to know that Children's Advil® has several flavors to help the "medicine go down."  They include Bubble Gum, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit, and new Dye-Free White Grape (for those who are sensitive to dyes in products.)

Have a sick one at home? Be sure to check out the Children's Advil® Facebook page for the online Feel Better Activity Center which offers activities to make a sick day a better day!

*Samples of Children’s Advil® products and information have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.