Review of Augason Farm's Hearty Vegetable Chicken Stew Mix

We have been continuing to build our food stores with items that we can also use on a daily basis to boost our food budget and help us to have convenience foods on hand for busy times.  Since soup is always a good choice for that nagging question of "what's for dinner?", we bought a few of the Augason Farms Soup Mixes to try.  This review is of the Vegetable Chicken Stew Mix.

Like the other stew mixes, there are lots of veggies in here.  From the photo above (sorry for the darkness), you can see carrots and celery.  The mix itself is divided into the soup mixings (lentils, pasta, rice, and veggies) which are loose in the can, and a baggie of powdered chicken bouillon.  This bouillon is the only "chicken" in the stew, but it is a good, flavorful one that reminds me of my favorite Ramen noodle broth.

This was simple to prepare; just add the ingredients to boiling water and cook until the veggies are tender.  Delicious on its own, it would be even more amazing with pieces of cut up chicken breast (or, perhaps the Augason Freeze-Dried Chicken pieces -- which I have on hand but have not tried yet.)

Priced at around $10-13 for a 10# can, this has 21 servings and is a very filling soup.  It is also the first soup I've tried that I actually enjoy having chock full of lentils.