Review of Gustafer Yellowgold's Year in the Day

Our family has become quite the Yellowgold fans!  If you aren't familiar, the adventures of Gustafer Yellowgold are captured on a series of DVD/CD sets that feature a beautiful combo of color-pencil animation and catchy, mellow tunes that kids and adults will adore.  (See our review of Infinity Sock for more details on how our kids have been grooving to the talents of Gustafer's Morgan Taylor since they were born -- and a cute throwback video of our 4th son jammin out!)

The newest release (out in 2012) is not disappointing.  Year in the Day features a song for every season -- or holiday.  Fourth of July Fireworks, green clovers, pumpkin pies, and even werewolves are shown in innocent and delightful situations, complete with the cast of the other DVD's (Gustafer, his friends, and various creatures from Earth and above!)

While I have only gone through the DVD 12 times or so (we seem to always have one of the DVD's playing on "infinity play" since our newest addition was born), I already have my favorite songs picked out from the playlist.  "Pancake Smackdown" (featured in the Youtube video below) is a hilarious ode to Fat Tuesday, and pairs a surreal pancake fight with floating melodies.  "Pumpkin Pie" is rhythmic and nostalgic, giving you an immediate need to relive the joys of whipped cream and nutmeg.  "Fa La La" honors the heart and soul of the Christmas season by inviting friends and family to "come as they are".  It is touching and real.

Kids who are used to fast-paced, high-tech romps in TV and video make be taken aback at the truly intentional use of animation and lyrics in these DVDs.  It's slower, creative, and wastes no word or sketch in telling the stories.  We have music going on 100% of the time at our house.  When we don't have praise and worship music going, we keep one of the Gustafer playlists going.  It mesmerizes the little ones and soothes the soul.

Like bonus features? This particular DVD has a rather long (but super-educational) bonus of watching Morgan create his masterpieces! Kids can see the process of animation - something that inspired my kids to start up their own cartoons.  Morgan's video clips of him working while he carries his new baby in a baby carrier is awesome (and looks similar to the process of getting things done at the Knerl household.)

Snag this title at Amazon for $14 (that's a $5 savings!) and have it shipped for free in 2 days with Amazon Prime membership.

*I made this independent purchase. No compensation was received. Opinions are always our own.