Review of Smith Brothers Drops and Tablets

You'll never guess what I came back from a recent trip to Bentonville with?

A sore throat.

Usually, that means that a cold is coming soon, and this time was no different.  I immediately tore into the package of goodies sent to me by Smith Brothers, a company that's been making health and wellness products since 1847.

What did I find inside? Wild Cherry Throat Drops, Black Licorice Throat Drops, Warm Apple Pie Warming Throat Drops, Daily-C Chewable Tablets, Wild Berry with Caffeine Restore Electrolyte Drops, and Zinc Boost Chewable Tablets.

Here is what I've experienced so far:

First, the Wild Cherry Throat Drops were as expected.  They are delicious, sweet, and without any medicinal aftertaste.

The Warm Apple Pie Warming Drops, however, tasted like apple candy, but had tiny little flecks of cinnamon throughout; when you dissolved one of these flecks in your mouth, you got a burst of spicy cinnamon that made your throat tingle a bit.  (This feels awesome on a sore throat, by the way.)

I stayed away from the Black Licorice Drops -- for now.  I'm just not that into licorice.

The Daily-C Chewable Tablets taste just like a tablet I used to chew when I was a girl.  My aunt used to make me chew one whenever I went to her house; they are sweet and tangy, like an orange, and just slightly "vitamin" in their flavor.  I love these tablets!

The Strawberry Zinc Tablets are the same way, but with strawberry, instead of the orange flavor. I have been taking these and the C Tablets daily to ward off these impending viral whatever that seems to be hanging over me....

I popped one of the Caffeine Restore Electrolyte Drops into my mouth on car trip recently, and I was shocked! They are like a pediatric electrolyte drink, only in lozenge form. They are sweet, but mostly salty. Really salty. You'll likely need to drink something afterward. And there is caffeine, which is always a good thing.

For someone who was completely unaware of the Smith Brothers brand, I'm completely hooked on at least 3 of their products. I take C and Zinc all the time, and I'm a big fan of throat drops (provided I brush my teeth after. They can be too sugary to eat before bed.) The flavors are so good with these products, and they really seem like a good alternative to OTC drugs that ease cold and flu symptoms but may not be healthy to take while nursing my son. It makes much better sense to pop a drop or tablet and sip some warm tea!

You can see all of the Smith Brothers offerings (including one that I really want to try --Honey Lemon drops with a hint of chamomile and melatonin made specifically for nighttime use) on their website

*Samples received to facilitate review. Opinions are 100% my own.