Spring 2014 Family-Friendly Movie Roundup

Are you wishing there were better things on TV?  Since we cut cable, we have been enjoying many of the new DVD's and movies that have come out in the past 2 months.  Some of them have been fun for the whole family to enjoy; others are appropriate for select segments of our large family.  We hope you'll find a few on the list to share with your clan!

1.  Transformers Prime: Ultimate Bumblebee is perhaps one of the most "just for fun" DVD's we own. As huge fans of Transformers Prime, my kids can seen every episode at least 3 times.  Having a DVD with just the best episodes of Bumblebee, however, gives them a way to further appreciate the lovable, yellow machine.  The DVD, available at Walmart, is just $9.99 and contains four episodes, for over 80 minutes of action!

2. The Adventures of Chuck and Friends: Chuck vs. Wild is an entertaining romp for the younger set.  Like all Chuck and Friends DVD's, there are cute lessons in responsibility, caring, sharing, and safety that toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy watching while their favorite truck friends "tear it up" in road racing adventure.  One thing my son likes best is the soundtrack; the songs are fresh and catchy!  This DVD is almost 2 full hours, with 10 episodes for little ones to enjoy.  Get it for under $13 at Amazon!

3.  LEGO® Legends of Chima™: The Lion, The Crocodile, and the Power of the Chi (Season 1 Part 1) was a completely new viewing experience for us.  We are huge LEGO fans, but had never seen the new Chima series.  My boys were obsessed with this fun show based on the popular construction blocks and really got into the character development.  Needless to say, after watching a few episodes, they were role playing the same action with their LEGO blocks for weeks!  Snag this title (chock full with 10 episodes -- over 220 minutes) for under $20 at Amazon.

4.  Sesame Street: Be a Good Sport is a fantastic collection of Sesame Street skits, cartoons, and more, focusing on the importance of playing fair and having fun when participating in sports and games with others.  The skit with Elmo cracked me up (there's a Rocky parody, complete with and "Eye of the Tiger" gag).  My son watched this intently; being 3, he's often frustrated when told to play fairly.  Full of good life lessons and plenty of laughs, this DVD is over 2 hours of fun.  Get it at Amazon for around $13.

Which video do you think your kids would enjoy the most?

*Some screeners received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.