St. Patrick's Day Kids Craft: Pot O' Gold

I had elaborate plans to do a St. Patty's Day craft with the kids this year.  I actually started a craft, and had it laying out to dry, when my 10-year-old son took it upon himself to do his own craft.  He wanted to create some gold and silver coins to put into a "pot of gold".  After leaving him to do his thing for about a half hour, I saw what his finished project looked like, and I fell in love!  My son's craft is now in the spotlight, as it is better than mine was....

To make this very simple, but cute pot of gold, you will need the following supplies (all available at Walmart):
  • Great Value Aluminum Foil (heavy duty is preferable)
  • Cardboard (an old box will do just fine)
  • Black permanent or Sharpie marker (medium point)
  • Yellow Poster Paint Pen (Sharpie makes these, as well)
  • Stencil with "money" symbols
  • Black Construction Paper
My son shows the steps in the photos below, but you are essentially cutting out cardboard coins from the box, wrapping them in the foil that has been colored on one side with the yellow poster paint pen, and using a stencil and black marker to create dollars and cent signs on the smooth side.  The "silver" coins don't need to be colored in.

My son also made his own "pot" to put the gold in.  He used strips of cardboard to make a frame and wrapped it in black construction paper.

(You could do the same with just covering a bowl or pot with black tissue paper, or using a flower pot spray-painted black.)

He stuffed his pot with a green t-shirt to fill it up, then placed the coins on top to make the pot look full of silver and gold pieces!

What cute ideas do you kids have for a St. Patty's Day craft?  If you haven't given them some freedom to make up their own creations, I highly suggest you do so.  You may be surprised at the neat things they come up with!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.