April Was "All Good" Thanks to Carrington Farms Coconut Oils and Flax Seed

I am new to coconut oil, and so far, my experience has been limited to the creamy kind that comes in a tub (and looks like shortening.) I was thrilled to try out a coconut "cooking" oil from Carrington Farms recently.  So many of the recipes on Pinterest, including the one for microwave popcorn in a paper bag, require this type of oil.  I was very pleased with the consistency and flavor of the oil (which wasn't coconutty at all!)

I also received a very large bag of Organic Milled Flax Seeds.  These are high in fiber and good fats (like Omegas) and I have been using Flax in baking and even in my hamburger patties and meatloaves lately.  This bag is organic, which is new to me. I didn't even realize you could get organic flax!

Both products are of a good value.

In celebrating "All Good April" which I realize is almost over, there are some tips you may enjoy learning about from Carrington Farms via their Facebook page!

You can find them where Carrington Farms products are sold, including:
  • Whole Foods – New England 
  • Publix - Florida
  • Stop& Shop- New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland 
  • Albertsons – Texas, Arizona 
  • HEB - Texas 
  • Meijer – Michigan, Indiana, Illinois
  • Shoprite – New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland 
  • Giant Eagle – Pittsburg, Cleveland 
  • Hy Vee – Iowa 
  • Wegmans – Upstate New York
  • Demoulas Market Basket – Massachusetts
  • Tops – Buffalo • Fiesta – Texas
  • Weis – Central Pensylvania
  • Schnucks – St. Louis
  • Big Y – Massachusetts
  • Woodmans - Wisconsin

*Samples were received to review.  Opinions are my own.