Combine Brushing and Whitening with One Nifty New Routine!

Whiter teeth is an "American thing", or so I'm told by my friends from other countries.  Regardless of whether it's a fad or something else, I feel very self-conscious when mine aren't their brightest.  As a mom who shares a bathroom with 6 other people, I covet the space I have in my little bathroom drawer, and realize that -- if I'm going to keep tabs on anything I own -- it had better fit in my precious small space so that the kids don't get to it.

The new Colgate Optic White ToothBrush + Built-In Whitening Pen is super savvy in that it is an actual toothbrush with a hollowed-out middle that fits a removable whitening pen.  The brush itself, which came in "soft" is a medium softness, very good at getting in hard to reach areas, and very gentle on the gums.  It also comes in "medium" for those of you that want a firmer brush.  I really like this toothbrush, and feel like it's great enough alone to warrant my purchase. (Plus, it takes up the same space in my tiny drawer as a regular toothbrush!)

The whitening pen that fits inside uses a "twist-up" action to squeeze whitening paste out the end.  Then, you just wipe it onto each tooth, and you're set!  No need to rinse or wait any time at all before resuming normal activities!  The product claims to whiten in just 2 days, but I could see my teeth were brighter after the first time I used it.  Because it's so easy -- and no tricky applicator is needed -- I think it added just 1 minute to my brushing routine.

You can find the product, along with all of the Optic White products at Walmart and  (The Brushing and Whitening Pen is just $12.96 online!)

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