Peppa's Back! And She Has an App...

Even as the weather warms up and the kid spend more time outside playing, we need a few hours each day in the house to relax and recharge.  It is during this time that we usually give the tired and dirty kids a snack, and let them either watch some educational TV, read books, or play on the iPad.

Peppa Pig, a long-time favorite of our family, has her very own app from the Apple iTunes store, called Peppa Pig's Party Time.  The app, priced at $4.99, engages children in activities common to do at birthday parties (cake, pinatas, and more) and can even be played in more than one language!  It's less crazy-paced than other games, and kids will recognize their favorite Peppa Pig characters from the show.  It's perfect for kids in the toddler and preschool age ranges!  (You can play it on the iPad or iPhone with the most updated operating system.)

For those of you without gadgets, you can still enjoy some new Peppa happenings with her My Birthday Party DVD!  The 80-minute collection of episodes (14 in total) have 2 never-before-seen extras and contains all the same adorable British accents and family dynamics that help make Peppa a cherished addition to our kids' entertainment library.  The DVD is available where you buy family DVD's, as well as via digital download through the Apple store.

Find out more about the Peppa franchise at the official website and on Facebook!

Want even more fun? Check out the printable Peppa Birthday Hat project below! (Click to enlarge and send to your printer...)

*Samples of the app and DVD were received to try out. Opinions are 100% our own!