Walk your Dog Safely (and in Style)

We usually get our dog's collars from the local feed store.  They aren't anything to look at, but they did the trick.  When I was asked to try out some collars from Walmart for our little Rat Terrier, I didn't think there would be anything very cute for the prices they quoted me.  It turned out, that for just $4.48, I could get the small collar for Gilbert in a few cute styles.  The collar above is one style, along with a black collar with tiny textured bones printed on it....

They are called Pet Champion Fashion Collars, and they are much better to look at than the generic nylon collars my dog was wearing before.  They are also skinnier, which I'm sure is more comfy for him.  They come in three different sizes, Small: $4.48, Medium: $5.88 and Large: $6.88. These collars are new and exclusive to Walmart, available in-store only.

We were also able to try out a mesh harness with our pup, something that I didn't even know existed.  This thing reminds me of the mesh nets you hang up in the kids' rooms to put stuff animals in, and I laughed a little when we put it on Gilbert.  The dog just steps into it (with your assistance, of course), you can can safely help lead the dog on a leash without any pulling or pain for the dog.

The breathable mesh front panel of the harness (goes against dogs chest)
This Sporn Stop-Pulling Mesh Harness is also new to Walmart, and available in-store for $11.88.  It has four adjustable sizes to fit any breed from puppies to big dogs and has a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer (just be sure to handwash it for best results!)  We will be walking our dog more now that we have a solutions to him tugging all the time.

Do you have like to walk your dog?  Is it important that they look fashionable?  As a farmer's daughter, the thought of dogs getting dressed up still seems silly to me, but I admit that having a cute collar really does make the dog appear cared for, and it's so affordable to pick a nicer collar over a boring one.

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