Who Cares? Schwan’s Cares!

Those of you who have read our previous posts on the delicious and convenient products sold by Schwan's probably think they are all about one thing: food.  And, in a way, that is what they are about.  But I've had the opportunity lately to learn a little more about what they offer.  In addition to tasty meal solutions for busy families (like the fajitas above I made from the Fire Grilled Chicken Breast Fajita Meat and Roasted Onions and Peppers) , they also have a strong partnership with some local groups near me to help them raise the funds they need to meet and exceed their goals!

Schwan's Cares is a initiative to help groups earn money by allowing their supporters to purchase their favorite Schwan's products through their own sites.  A portion of the profits can help them in their endeavors.  Even in my teeny-tiny area of Nebraska, I found 3 worthy groups that are using the Schwan's program.  They are:

Just by putting your favorite Schwan's items on the table (like the Super Sweet Cut Corn, shown above -- and a favorite of my family's), you can give the organization 5-20% of your sales.

At a time when funds are tight, it may not makes sense for you to give cash to your favorite charity.  The Schwan's Cares program lets you shop as usual, knowing that someone can benefit from your meal planning!

Learn more about this program at the Schwan's Cares Fundraising site!

*Samples received to try and share. Opinions are 100% my own.