Babies Smell Good, and So Does Our Home!

If there's one thing I hear time and time and time again -- each and every time we have a baby -- it's "babies smell so good."  While I think it really depends on the kinds of products you use on baby (shampoo, lotion, etc.), one thing is for certain; the unmistakable smell of Baby Magic baby lotion is "the" smell of all smells that reminds me of new babies.

I actually use Baby Magic on myself, especially when I get dry skin.  I love that it has that fresh scent that nothing else really comes close to.  Imagine your home smelling the same way!

Air Wick has recently put out some pretty awesome new scents for their scented oil warmer, called the "Familiar Favorites" collection, and I was able to try them out in my house.  The scented oils are pretty nifty for popping into the warmer and the into an outlet.  Within about 3-4 minutes, I can smell the scent of new baby (or rather new baby lotion, via Baby Magic scented oil) filling the room.  If it's too strong, I can adjust the strength via the warmer.  There really never is too much baby smell, however.

If babies aren't your thing (and I don't know of anyone who would admit to that) you can always opt for the smell of Snuggle fabric softener, also one of the new signature Air Wick oil scents.

And maybe, you're one of those who prefer food-scented living rooms.  Then, you can pop a Cinnabon oil into your warmer and get all spicy with your atmosphere.

We can sit and argue all day that a clean house shouldn't smell, and then you can come to my house after I clean all day and let reality set in.  My house can be clean, but the odors of the farm next door, my naughty puppy, the bacon I burnt in the kitchen, and the baby's diaper pail all tend to find their way into my "clean" home atmosphere. Thank goodness I can get a bit of help every now and again to give my home a more "familiar" scent!

You can find all three of these new scents at your local Walmart, for $4.88 for a 2-pack of any scent.  My store had a display in the center of the aisle with all of them ready purchase.  So far, however, the Baby Magic is winning out over the other two in our home.

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