ChuckIt! Flying Squirrel is Durable Fun for Dogs of All Sizes!

Summer time is the perfect time to bond with your pooch and give him fun ways to play that include the whole family.  We have tried ropes, balls, frisbees, and more, but all have ended up lost, chewed up, or moldy.  The newest toy in our arsenal is the ChuckIt! Flying Squirrel.  It's super durable and even floats on water.  (See the picture above for how the water just beads up on the surface!)

The rubber feet help the toy "stand up" a bit off the ground, making it easy for dogs of all sizes to scoop it up with their jaws and get a good grip on it.  The paws actually glow in the dark, meaning you can stay out late and play a good game of catch.  Priced at just $12.97, it's a pretty good deal for all the dogs in your family.

My Rat Terrier Gilbert and my Great Pyrenees Glenn both love this toy.  The video below shows you the highlights of our afternoon at play (that is, until Glenn decided to run off with it and hide it.)

No worries.  The bright colors of the ChuckIt! make it easy to find in tall grass, too!

You can find it in Walmart stores in the pet section or order it online.  (It comes in 3 sizes, but my dogs play with the same size).  Will you be giving your dog some time to play this summer?

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