Fundraising? Check out Schwan's Cares!

Being a parent is tough.  You sleep little, work much, and are always looking for ways to pay for things -- especially all the kids' activities!  As soon as your little one starts doing extracurriculars, there is a need for money, which usually involves fundraising.

If pitching the idea of overpriced cookies, candies, or wreaths has you weary, maybe it's time to consider a sales opportunities that taps into what people are already buying, even in a down economy.

The Schwan's Cares program allows groups and clubs to earn money on purchases made through their own "portal" when friends and family buy their favorite Scwhan's products.  No need to "sell" anything.  People who love Schwan's are pretty loyal customers.  You just provide them a new way to order!

We sampled some pretty tasty eats here at the Knerl home to see just what kind of products we could buy to support some local groups.  Our favorite definitely had to be the veggies.  Their broccoli cuts are so big and not mushy like some other brands...

If you like their food, or like making "making money" easier, be sure to check out their site for more information!

*Samples received.  Opinions are my own.