Mix-Free Color at Home with L'Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue

Those of you who know me well probably don't even realize that I color my hair.  I have been doing "at-home" color for years, but -- with the last pregnancy and birth of my 6th child -- I let my greys get a bit out of control when I took a break from it all.

Excited to get back on the color wagon, I was asked by Walmart to try the new L'Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue, a completely different way to deliver the hair color experience you've come to know in your home.  I picked the color that was closest to my desired hue, and I was sent a kit to try out.

My experience is summed up in this video (with application details sped up for time's sake), but you get the idea.  It was a very abbreviated process:

1. Put on gloves.
2. Shake the color bottle and put on the applicator tip.
3. Apply.

Really. There was no "mixing" or snipping off the tips of little plastic bottles.  There was no checking to be sure that the first little bits of color were evenly mixed and no more pigment than activator.  There was no dripping, wiping, or cursing as rogue color hit the white bathroom counter.  It was pretty much like putting typical styling mousse on your hair.  (Except your hair looked amazingly fresh at the end of the process.)

So, how did it cover?  Better than expected.  To be completely honest, I have never achieved 100% grey coverage.  Ever.  Since my last baby left me with a big 1 inch square of pure white hair in the front, I was expecting to see quite a few hairs that were still white after coloring.  There are a few individual pieces here and there that didn't take to the color, but -- as you can see in the video -- it's very difficult to see unless you are picking through my hair.  (And who would do that?)



I've accepted that color will be a way of life from now until I leave the Earth.  I want my hair to match my 35-year-old (or younger) face and personality.  I don't want to appear tired or frazzled.  The right hair color can do wonders in this goal.  With the simplicity of the Mousse Absolue, it's now easier than ever.

Was there anything I would change about the product?  Just one tiny thing.  Because it is mixed as you apply, you can keep whatever color you don't use for another time.  (Something other colors can't do.) This is great, as I can see that I will need to "touch up" from time to time, and buying a new box of color each time is expensive and impractical.  I just wish that there was a way to see exactly how much color is left in the bottle.  The bottle is not see-through, so I'm going by feel or weight (which is light to begin with) to know if there is enough color in the bottle to begin a 2nd coloring or touch up.  My recommendation would be to keep a 2nd kit on hand at all times so that you always have enough for the application.

Here is a video with my experience:

You can find this product, which is new to Walmart, at $13.97 a kit (or buy it online).  Check out Walmart's Beauty section for more ideas, as well as experiences from other Moms.

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