May is Nicholas Sparks Month

With all the commercial holidays being celebrated throughout the year, it can all be a little mind numbing.  So many of the holidays involved making something or going somewhere.  But what if there was a holiday or event that let you do nothing, but sit back and relax?

Walmart is celebrating Nicholas Sparks month during May, and it's not too late to enjoy it at home!  In addition to the release of the anticipated book title The Longest Ride, there are some great deals and opportunities to save on his other books, as well as DVD titles!  (Check out the special offer below!)

I have been a fan of Mr. Sparks since The Notebook.  Who doesn't remember meeting Ryan Gosling for the first time through that film?  Even though I've lost touch with many of the titles since then (I don't have much time for books or films), I do know that it's usually a safe bet that I'll enjoy it when I do.  I picked up the newest film Safe Haven on my daughter's recommendation.

Many of the Walmart stores will have a special display with all of Nicholas Sparks' titles for easy purchasing.  If not, you can likely find both The Longest Ride and Safe Haven in the new release sections of the book and DVD areas, respectively.  If you see the display, you'll find all of the DVD's together, priced at $4.88 each.  The book will be priced at $13.50, a pretty good bargain!

Will you be checking out any books or films for the holiday?  I'm excited to do something for MYSELF this weekend and enjoy the film with some special snacks!

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