Really, Mom, You are Doing OK!

This post was written in partnership with Johnson's Baby products and The Motherhood. Opinions are my own.

Have you ever felt like a bad mom?  Even when I don't, I feel a little bit like I may not know what I'm doing.  With six kids in the home, I get a little insecure about my parenting abilities, even when I know that I'm probably handling things fine.

A recent example was when our son Manasseh was born last October.  He was a tiny 5 pounds 11 ounces.  When I brought him home from the hospital he wasn't on the growth chart!  3 days later, I took him for his doctor visit, and he was not even an ounce bigger.  The doctors and nurses weren't very concerned, but everything I was reading online and all the talk of "growth charts" had me feeling like I wasn't doing anything right!  Even though all of my children are usually still only in the 5th percentile at age 7, I was concerned.  Even though I am only 5'2" and my husband is 5'8", I somehow expected my child to grow more.  How silly was this?

Now, Manasseh (or "Manny" as we call him) is a strapping 16 pounds at 7 months.  He is still smaller than most kids, but he is in the 6th percentile on the growth chart -- which is enormous for our family!  He eats well, has dimples, and I have to clean in between his "multiple" chins when we bathe him.  He's deliciously plump and happy!  It turns out, I was doing OK all along....

Manny before... and after.

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And, if you know of a mom who feels a little down, and needs to know that she's doing OK, too, share the message.  We are all in this together, aren't we?

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