Review of Difrax Pacifiers

New baby Manny isn't so new.  He's nearing 7 months and has been hesitant to take a pacifier unless he is really tired.  He had a favorite brand early on in life, but abandoned the pacifer altogether unless he was teething and needed one to "chew."  When we received a box of Difrax pacifiers to review, I wasn't sure he would be at all interested.

One day, after a particular harrowing afternoon of teething and crying, I couldn't take him biting while nursing any longer.  I opened the box of Difrax pacifiers, washed one, and popped it in his mouth.  Surprisingly, he began sucking on it and quieted down.

We had a winner!  We designated this pacifier as our "go-to" pacifier.  The others became "chewies" that he used just for teething.  I only wish a had a picture to show you of him using it.  Unfortunately, he lost both of them on our recent trip to Atlanta.  (Hence, the photo of another baby the company sent me to share with you. It looks just like the photo, however.)

We are having to order a couple of boxes to keep on hand.  It's something he really can't live without!  (Amazon currently sells all the sizes.)

Designed for babies of all sizes and ages, these come in gender-neutral and specific (think pinks/blues).  The award-winning Difrax 3-Stage Pacifier System meets all of the needs of your child’s developmental stages. Learn more about Difrax at their website!

*Samples received to review.  Opinions are my own.