Review of Fresh Kidz Boys Deodorant

Boys. They are awesome.  But they smell.. well.. different. Even when they aren't having a full-on funk about them, they do tend to sweat and stink around age 8-10.  Getting them in a good hygiene habit early on -- before they start getting funky -- is a necessity.

Because boys can go a lifetime needing underarm protection, it might make moms a bit nervous to use high-strength chemical brands.  I get this.  That's why we tried out the new Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Boys Deodorant.  It's aluminum, paraben, and alcohol-free.  And it works.

New to the U.S., it's great for sensitive skin.  My sons have had eczema and PK, so anything really foreign makes them break out or get itchy.  This stuff is very soothing to skin and it smells good.  I've actually used it a time or two when I couldn't find my own deodorant.  It's perfect for between showers (when working outside or playing sports) as well as when starting fresh from a bath.

How does it work?  It prevents the growth of stinky bacteria and lets skin breathe.  I know that they can't put on "too much" and even the younger kids (age 7 and 9) can use it without fear.  It's clear, doesn't stain clothes, and never leaves a white mark.  The rollerball is simple for newbies to use, too!

Learn more about this awesome product made from natural ingredients at the We Keep It Kind website.  You can buy it on Amazon for around $4.99.  You can also find it at Whole Foods, Meijer, Giant Foods, and Stop & Shop stores.