Would you Dare to Bet On Your Baby?

Last year, a new show hit the television scene that was actually unique.  It was also family-friendly.  Bet on Your Baby was a quirky version of a game show that let parents literally bet on their infants and toddlers to see if they could predict how the kids would respond in staged challenges.  The results were almost always surprising, and the parents ended up learning quite a bit about their tykes.

The show is back, and Walmart asked us to present a challenge to our own baby, to see if we could get Manny to succeed in a challenge we set up for him.  Since he is just 8 months old on June 2nd, we knew that it had to be simple.  I figured that having him grab a toy in front of him should be pretty simple, right?  Not really...

He loves this toy, but when the camera was rolling (with mommy behind it), he just didn't go for the bait.  The challenge was simply to see if he would grab the little pink foam square in less than 30 seconds.  As you can see from the video below, he was more intent on turning himself around to see what mommy was up to.  And he also tried to crawl (unsuccessfully, as well.)

So, baby failed this challenge, and -- if I was on the game show -- I would have lost.  Luckily, the show lets even the losers move on to a final round for cool prizes.  I love seeing how adorable the kids are in this show, and Melissa Peterman, the host is hilarious!

And we still love baby Manny very much....

Here are some other ideas for challenges you can do with your 7-9 month old:
  • See how many Cheerios out of the 5 placed in front of him actually make it into his mouth (instead of his lap.)
  • Bet on whether baby will know which side of the couch, chair, etc, you will pop out of after playing "peek-a-boo".  (They should glance in the direction they anticipate you'll be coming from.)
  • If baby is on his back, guess which side he'll roll over on first.
  • Put two different colored blocks on the table or floor.  Guess which color he'll go for!
Kids this age are very inquisitive and fun.  Use this time to get to know your baby's preferences and also to learn how much he actually knows!  Babies may be "newbies" but they sure are clever!

You can catch all new episodes of Bet on Your Baby, sponsored in part by Walmart, starting tomorrow night, May 31st on ABC.  Check your local listings for times.

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