Review of Uncorked Ventures Wine Gifts

When you think of vineyards, does California come to mind?  I bet you didn't even realize that some pretty fantastic wines are grown from small vineyards all over the U.S. (such as right here in my little county in Nebraska?) What if I told you that some of the most innovative and delicious wines also come from Washington and Oregon!

As someone who welcomes choice in everything, including wines, I had a unique opportunity to sample two wines, one of which is an Oregon original.

First, the red (which comes from Folin Cellars in Southern Oregon):

Passive Aggressive is a red that is definitely more "aggressive" than passive.  That's a good thing, however, as I loved how this variety perked up my taste-buds and gave me a swift kick in the palate.  With a very slight berry fruit smell, this is the perfect pairing for pizza, ribs, or other grilling specialties.  It finishes a little warm, making it perfect for evenings by a campfire!

Second, the white:

I'm more of a white wine fan, actually, and I think it's largely because I like my wine chilled (although there's nothing that says you can't chill your red if you prefer.)  This particular bottle really packed a wallop of flavor that was quite a nice change of pace from bland, watery, and flat-tasting whites.  White Wedding, as it's called, is a product of Bravium Wines, a company based in San Francisco's Treasure Island.  It's a very acidic wine that is surprisingly a combo of Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc.  Have its citrusy and almond notes with some salad or fresh crab meat!

So, I'm not a wine expert, as I used tasting notes to "find" the traits of each of these.  I love how bold and exciting the flavors were, however, and they really made me take pause and enjoy every moment.  Summer really goes well with both wines!

Both wines are examples of the fine treats that can be sampled through Uncorked Ventures, a wine gifting service that allows you to sign up for a monthly "club" or just send a special one-time package to a picky, hard-to-shop for person.  With wines from California, Oregon, and Washington producers, there is definitely more than a few unique surprises to be enjoyed!  Clubs start at just $40 a month!  Follow the on Twitter and Like them on Facebook!

*Samples received to review.  Opinions are my own. Please drink responsibly!