The Best Father's Day Gift Ever? Sleep!

If you would ask my husband what he would want more than anything, it would probably be more sleep.  He stays up late every night working on things around the house that can't be accomplished when the kids are awake.  He gets up at a decent time and has a full day at home with our business, our farm, and our family.  And he does it over and over again.

Here is my husband getting a very rare, but much needed late morning snooze.  Notice that our youngest son loves cuddling with him and getting some extra winks next to Daddy.  

When I asked my husband upon waking what could have made his sleep better, he quickly pointed out that he hated his pillow.  My search for a better pillow began...

at Walmart!

We searched for a firm, but resiliant pillow that would keep its shape and not get too hot.  These SertaPedic Cool SlumberGel Pillows looked like they would do the trick, and they came in an affordable 2-pack for just $17.92 !

While a new pillow won't correct the issues of sick kids who won't go to bed, a thunderstorm, or kids always coming into our room, the pillow can help ensure that -- when he finally does get to sleep -- his posture is better, his sleep is more restful, and he feels more refreshed in the morning.

What are some items you can give Dad in addition to new pillow on Father's Day?  How about:
  • a sound machine (can't afford one? try a "white noise" smart phone app!)
  • new sheets
  • aromatherpy oils for the pillow cases
  • staying up with the kids so he can have the night off!
If you were to ask me what I want more than anything, I would have to agree that sleep is #1 on my list.  By giving my husband a gift that I know means a lot, I can help give him an affordable but impressive experience this year!

Be sure to check out the entire assortment of pillows at!  (Your local Walmart store has a few nice choices, as well.)

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