Big Fights Come in Little Packages: Help Cure Childhood Cancer!

I have been so blessed with 6 healthy children. With the exception of a few minor injuries and the common flu, we have been free from hospitals and machines, treatments and tubes.

But not all of our friends can say the same thing.  A good friend of my husband (who is now a dear friend of mine) lost a child to childhood cancer.  It was a heartbreaking thing for us, in that we couldn't bring ourselves to imagine how painful the process of treatment is, much less the realization that you have lost your fight -- and eventually your child.

As we watch our friends and family, a couple of whom are fighting cancer as adults, we pray daily for advances to be made in research and treatment that would one day -- hopefully -- take cancer out of our current vocabulary and make it a thing of the past.  Auntie Anne's, who has been helping make family moments like these in our own family, is working -- once again -- with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) to help make more family moments for kids with cancer!

Four of my blogger friends have joined me to tell you about this initiative, and I think it's pretty exciting!  We are working together to support a “Mini But Mighty” Hero - a child who has survived or is battling cancer. Jordan, the child we are supporting, has been fighting cancer since 2003 (when she was 4).  She lives in Santa Monica, CA and she inspires others with her drive and vow to "kick cancer's butt."

Kids like Jordan depend on the funds raised by wonderful companies -- such as Auntie Anne's (and the kind individuals who give) for new treatments, care, and support.  It costs a lot of money to fight cancer, and we want to give you a way to get involved.  From July 28 - September 15, you can give (even a little) to help these little fighters do big things! (The link won't be live until July 28th!)

In the meantime, let's do something fun: I will give away a free Auntie Anne's Pretzel to a reader who comments with a note of encouragement for Jordan!  I will take comments until August 15th, and at that time, I'll randomly pick a commenter to get the prize. (Prize awarded as a coupon for a free pretzel.)
Open to U.S. only.  One comment per person.

Let's show our support in a BIG way!  I'll be following up with again soon with news of this exciting fundraising event.