Books We Love: Parragon Titles for Your Tiny One!

Babies need good books.  Studies (and my own life experience) has shown that early reading leads to a love of the written word and more involvement with reading throughout life!  That's why we love when publishers cater to the needs of our small ones with titles like the Parragon new reads below:

Jiggly Giraffe's Book (with matching Rattle)

Little Manny is now 9-months-old and he wants to do EVERYTHING he sees his brothers do. Luckily, this involves reading so many books.  Manny was delighted to have his very own board book with matching soft plush giraffe rattle.  The "Jiggly Giraffe's Book" is perfectly sturdy and colorful, keeping his attention and giving him 2 ways to play. (And the rattle has fast become a favorite "take-along" toy.)

Humpty Dumpty

This children's classic features the original nursery rhyme we have all sung to our kids.  It also has a fun, integrated fingerpuppet that you can put your hand through via a hole in the back of the book.  It can make each page of the story come to life, and Manny really giggles when he sees Humpty move! This cute book is 12 pages and retails at $6.99.

So you read to your baby?  What's the first book you introduced to your tiny tot?  Find more exciting reads for all ages at the Parragon website!

*I received this product from the publisher for free. However, they have not paid me for this review, and they do not exercise any editorial control over my review or anything else on this site.