Review of CedarLane's Frozen Tamales

Imagine coming home after a stressful day of running errands, only to discover you forgot to plan anything for dinner!  This happens to me all too often, and this is usually when I go rummaging through my freezer for something easy to prepare.

If you struggle to do the same because of dietary restrictions, or you are just tired of the same old' pizza routine, you'll be pleased to know that there is a healthier option just a microwave session away from your family's table.

CedarLane sent us an assortment of their new all-natural gluten-free line of frozen tamales for my family to try.  These had no meat in them, so I was a bit hesitant to like them.  We usually eat frozen tamalas that have a pork filling, so I wasn't sure they would fill us up in the same way.

We sampled the Chili and Cheese and Roasted Vegetable varieties right away, and they got a big thumbs up from the hubby (who is a tamale fanatic), as well as our boys, who don't like things too spicy but love Mexican flavors.

The winners of the group, however, had to be the Sweet Corn Tamales.  These were so sweet and creamy, they tasted like a corn pudding wrapped up in a corn husk.  They had juicy kernels of sweet corn throughout and really took me by surprise!

I also personally enjoyed the Spinach and Feta Cheese Tamales, which I didn't offer to the kids (since they don't like stronger cheeses.)  These were very savory and flavorful.  I didn't realize that they had mushrooms until I ate them, but this was a great thing. I'm a big mushroom fan!  I like to snack on these in the evening after I've nursed the baby and find myself craving a "bad" snack.  They are salty and creamy enough to replace a chips and dips snack, and are very filling.

The best part of these is that you can cook them in the microwave and they still look appealing.  I was able to serve 8 to my family within 10 minutes, and serve them with healthy sides for a very guilt-free meal everyone enjoyed.

You can find these at select grocers in the freezer section.  Check out the Cedarlane website for details!

*Samples received to review. Opinions are my own.