Review of Henry's Humdingers Raw Honey Products

I first heard of Henry's Humdinger's on an episode of "Shark Tank". I thought that the idea of flavored honeys with unique ingredients would be a good fit for my family. (And I was very impressed that the company started with the hard work and vision of an 11-year-old boy!) We use honey on most anything, and we also really enjoy playing around with spices.  We were given 4 kinds of the honeys to try, and they were all very well received.

Naughty Nana is a blend of honey with spicy pepper and ginger.  It was a little peppery, and my husband and sons really enjoyed it on just about anything from bread to crackers.  I don't like spicy stuff, but I could eat this.

Diabolical Dad had habanero peppers and lime.  It was too much for me, and I wasn't sure of the lime component.  The boys ate this on tortilla chips!

Grumpy Grandma was full of spicy red pepper and garlic.  Garlic and honey are a great match, and we've used this on meats as a marinade and as a basting sauce.  It's great on chicken wings!

Phoebe's Fireball has chipotle chili and cinnamon.  This is yummy on dessert breads and tortillas.

Note that these are raw honey, so you will want to avoid feeding it to babies under 1.  (Although most babies won't appreciate the spice, anyway.)

I love that this company is an effort of a boy and his family.  If you want to support small business, innovation, and amazing flavors, I recommend buying Henry's Humdingers!  The jars are cute, as well.  They make great gifts.  (And a portion of all sales goes to help save the honeybee.)

* Samples received. Opinions are my own.