Review of Ragamuffin: Based on the Life of Rich Mullins DVD

Every once in awhile, a movie strikes you in a way that changes your perspective of the world.  And, even less often than that, one comes along that changes your perspective of God.  "Ragamuffin" the DVD based on the life story of Rich Mullins (famous Christian musician) is one of those films.  After seeing it, I cried and cried.  I also began to see my relationship with God in a whole new way.

If you're not familiar with Rich, you likely are with this songs.  "Awesome God", the anthem of so many praise and worship sessions is a worldwide hit, and was created by Rich as one of many songs he wrote.  (He also wrote songs for artists such as Amy Grant.)  Throughout Rich's life, however, he struggled with his relationship with an emotionally unavailable father, alcohol, a lost love, and life on the road as an instantly famous musician.  It seemed that the only real peace he had was when he shared his days with the kids on an Indian Reservation.

While the movie is painful to watch at times, especially for those of us with hurts that stem from our own childhoods, there are some very redeeming messages that never leave you.  One of those is the message of the "Ragamuffin Gospel", the theme for the title of this film.  It is the idea that none of us is polished enough for God, and so there is nothing we can do to deserve his love, but that by accepting Jesus and believing that God truly loves us (as we are), we can be perfect in his eyes.  With so many of us dealing with painful pasts that leave us feeling anything but worthy, this repeated message can't be heard enough.  And it is one of the most challenging beliefs that we must learn to accept.

If you know Rich's story, you'll still find the ending difficult.  The on-screen telling of his passing is brief, but powerful.  His legacy as told by his brother in the bonus features is a must-see that helps tie up loose ends, and gives more background to his passing.  The extra text at the end shares a bit more about the financial legacy of Rich and how he lived as a common man, even though he was likely a multi-millionaire who gave most of his riches to the poor.

My husband, teenage daughter, and I watched this film through teary eyes.  It is not for children too young to understand the heavy themes of rejection, alcohol, and death.  While there isn't anything blatantly inappropriate, the struggles will be lost on young kids.

You can learn more about this film and the life of Mr. Mullins at the official website.  Follow the film team on Facebook and Twitter. The DVD is now available to buy at this link.

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