Challenge Minds -- and Have Fun! -- with the Buzzle Ball

I love puzzles. I especially love those that I can take with me anywhere, which is why I love apps on my phone that let me "play" by solving them.  For kids who are being weaned off of electronics, I like the idea of an old-school, in your hands, tangible way for the kids to exercise the brain and enjoy themselves.  The Buzzle Ball, is a creative way to do just that.

The ball comes looking like the photo above, everything in order.  By shuffling the pieces around, you've created a puzzle to solve.  The more pieces you jumble, the harder it is to solve!

Currently, the Buzzle Ball has been mixed up so much that we have been unable to return it back to its original state. Kind reminds me of my favorite 80's "cube" -- that never got back to its new condition.  It was also a favorite way to pass the time.  (Remember, the object of this toy is more the trying than the actual solving.)

Launched in Walmart stores this month, it's a rather addictive way to play.  If kids need help, they can easily go to to get solving tips and videos to show how to play.  It's designed for kids 8 and up, but if younger kids try it out, it won't hurt anything; they just aren't as likely to solve it. It's also available at, the price is right at $19.97 (the average price of a board game, except there are no pieces to lose with this game!)  And did I mention that it is made right here in the USA? Just one more reason I love this little ball!

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