Do You Know the 1 in 5?

*This post is written in partnership with ConAgra Foods and The Motherhood. Opinions are my own.

You know a hungry kid.

I'm not talking about your own kids, wanting an after-school snack, and unable to wait for dinner.  I'm not talking about someone far away, in another country.  I'm talking about a child, in your community, who doesn't know where their next meal is coming from.

1 in 5 kids in the U.S. aren't sure how they will eat next.  This is termed "food insecurity" and it is too common for the image we have of our prosperous nation.  For that one child, it's unbearable.  For those who know him or her, however, if may not even be common knowledge.

Think hard about the kids you know.  Think about the kids in your own child's classroom.  Are there 40 or 50 kids you know by name? Which ones are going hungry that you don't even know about?

My son is blessed to have a full tummy each night!

I hope my kids NEVER have to go to sleep hungry.  The thought just breaks my heart.  And it makes me want to help, so I'm participating in this campaign with Child Hunger Ends Here and ConAgra to spread the news.  In fact, my community is in just as much need as some other states.  See the chart below with more information:

Nebraska has relatively low meal costs, but there are enough kids needing additional nourishment each year that it would take an extra $111million to feed them!  Just when you think it's too overwhelming, there is hope.

The Child Hunger Ends Here program is giving food to kids in need when you buy food for your own family.  Simply enter the code by the red pushpin on specially-marked packages of ConAgra products online at the Child Hunger Ends Here site or via the widget on the left-hand side of this blog.  One meal's worth of funds will be given to your LOCAL food bank!

To see how much money is needed for your state (along with important stats such as the cost of a meal and how many kids live in poverty), check out this interactive map.  And to learn more about celebrities getting involved, see my previous post.

Wanna Help? Please take this quick survey to help us better understand child hunger.