Easy Back to School Craft: Customized Pencil Cases

I see so many cute back-to-school project on Pinterest.  They look adorable and completely doable --- for parents.  They often aren't something that my young boys can do, however, and I really want the excitement of back-to-school to be something they can be part of, not just watch.

In exploring the aisles of our local Walmart, I found some very inexpensive plastic pencil cases, with sliding drawers that snapped shut.  They were just $.49!  So I bought 4 of them, and I allowed the boys to decorate them anyway they wanted, using our large collection of Duck Tape!

Some of the boys used standard sized tape, but one really fell in love with the new Washi tape that Duck Brand makes.  Here is a video of their afternoon; they were so proud of their creations!

The best part was that each box was completely unique.  Even my four-year-old had to make one. (You can see which one is his below, can't you?)  The older boys even added stick-on eyes to make their pencil cases come to life!

How would your kids get crafty with something as affordable as a cheap pencil case?  Are there any other things you'd let your kids decorate with Duck Tape?  This exercise in creativity and teamwork has been one of the highlights of our new school year!