It's OK For Your Cat to Play with His Food!

My cat is a brat.  Not only does he think he owns the place, he is super picky about the food he eats.  He'll eat just about any food, but he will only eat it fresh -- straight out the bag.  When he gets super fickle, a treat can put him back into a good mood.

We have given our cat Temptations Treats for when he deserves it, mostly because they are affordable.  (They often have a coupon in the paper for them, too.)  They did just come out with a new version, and I knew right away my cat would like it.  He's a big treat fan.

These Tumblers are a lot like the originals, but they are in little balls.  As you can see in the photo, below, they are rather small, like treats, but look a little like food.  Designed for adult cats, they are
100% nutritionally complete & balanced and come in Chicken and Turkey Flavors.  They also meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for adult maintenance.

What did my cat think of them?  He LOVED them.  He didn't really play with them, like I thought.  He waited until they were done rolling across the floor.  When they were perfectly still, he ate them up!

A more playful cat could use these as a toy and a treat.  For now, we'll just use them as a way to give my cat a tasty change of pace.  Crabby cats need treats, too!