Keep Your Kids' Belongings Safe and Win with Master Lock!

* This is a sponsored post in partnership with Master Lock and Global Influence.  Opinions are my own.

There is still one month left to our summer, but we are deep in the planning of back-to-school.  As a homeschool mom, this means ordering and implementing curriculum and activities for FIVE children.  There is just one kid in the house (our 9-month-old) who won't be doing some kind of official homeschool plans.  While I do get a bit excited dreaming of all the things we'll do this year, the reality of it all can be overwhelming.  Not only did we buy books, supplies, and clothes, we invested in a few electronics.

My daughter just happened to get a very pricey cell phone to use with her own plan, and -- even though we homeschool -- we participate in quite a few activities that require her to take it along and place it in a locker or backpack.  She would be devastated if it got stolen.  And I'm not the only parent that worries about this; more than half of North American students don't use a locker to store their belongings -- they actually carry them around all day.  And almost half of parents also admit that their kid has gotten a special items stolen from them at school (with the cell phone being one of the most valuable.)*

The Master Lock brand of security products may have the solution for active kids and worried moms.  The 1500eDBX dialSpeed Digital Combination Lock features a cool lightup keypad for easy viewing anywhere, and a unique online Backup Master Code that you can get to online from anywhere.  It can even store multiple guest codes that can be reset for convenience.  It's a high-tech version of the original combination lock that kids can get in black or white from under $16.

If your child is too young to handle something so sophisticated (or forgets passwords easily), the 1535D and 1535DWD Set-Your-Own Combination Locks (shown above) might be a better fit.  Kids can use the characters on the lock to create easy-to-remember passwords in the form of words, acronyms, or initials.  They can pick a color that fits their personality, too -- all for under $8.

Wanna Win?  Master Lock is giving you the chance to win some cool back-to-school prizes in their Photo Hunt Challenge.  Until September 7th, simply go to to view new products in a "spot the difference" game.  By finding all the differences, new levels will unlock, along with chances to win.  Sharing via Twitter earns another chance to win prizes, such as a 60" HD 1080p Smart LED HDTV, Blu-Ray player, Visa Gift Cards, and Master Lock products.

Want even More Prizes?  Check out the Master Lock Twitter Party on August 5th at 8pm EST, hosted by @ResourcefulMom.  You can RSVP here before the event, and follow along with the hashtag #MasterBackToSchool and @MasterLockUS.

*Survey conducted by Survey Monkey in May 2014 among Americans representative of a National U.S. Census