Review of Baby's First Book Blocks

My 10-month old son loves books and brightly-colored toys that catch his eye.  We took these Baby's First Book Blocks for a test spin, and they still are (after weeks of being in the toy box), one of the first things he reaches for.

What are they? They are books and blocks, actually.  Little board books that have colorful designs on them (no words, just patterns) and that stack up neatly.  These are great for little curious minds who like to discover how the world works around them!  My son lays them in a row, puts one on top of another or just stares at the patterns.  They are quite engaging for such a simple toy!

The creator (or author), Dan Stiles, has collaborated over the past 20 years with everyone from indie bands to major corporations to create works of art in advertising, collectible art and merchandise.

You can find these sturdy essentials for baby at the official PowerHouse Books website, or order from for under $15!

*Samples received to review. My baby's opinions are his own.