Review of the Moto X on Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is a new kid on the block when it comes to cell providers.  They have worked it out to put some amazing technology into the new Moto X phone so that it connects to wifi before it connects to a cell tower, meaning you can search the web, text, and even talk using your own connectivity before using up precious data.  In exchange for this flexibility, they offer super low prices on their plans.  Data-enabled phones, like the Moto X I tried, start at just $5 a month!

If I wasn't in a 2-year contract, I would have quickly replaced my current phone with this one.  It was pretty slick; the phone integrated easily with Google apps and accounts, had great display definition, and was amazingly responsive.  Since my daughter was currently spending $20+ a month buying minutes for her seriously out-of-date smartphone through Tracfone, however, we decided to give her the Moto X and see if she wanted to replace her "add minutes before I run out" plan with something a bit more convenient.

Activating the phone was easy.  Installing all the apps she uses (like Pinterest) was a breeze.  The hard part was convincing her that it really was OK to use the phone almost exclusively for her web browsing and Facebook time -- because she spends most of her time at home where we have wi-fi.

Now, let's talk a bit more about the phone plans.  This is where it gets genius.  Currently, the only way to change your plan with a traditional cell provider is to call them up and extend your contract. Again.  Republic Wireless makes it super easy to just change your plan -- from you phone!  You can change your plan up to two times a month, and there is never a contract.  Don't believe me?  Check out this screen shot from the phone itself...

The plans are as follows for the Moto X (a smartphone):
  • $5/mo for Wi-Fi only (that means you can make calls and text, but only when you have a wifi connection)
  • $10/mo for WiFi (talk, text, and data) and Cell service (talk and text ONLY)
  • $25/mo for Wif (talk, text, and data) and Cell service (talk, text, and 3G Data)
  • $40/mo for WiFi (talk text, and data) and Cell service (talk, text, and 4G Data)
A couple of things to note: While these plans are sold as "unlimited" there are limits to how much data you can use before they will slow down access to the internet on the cell plan.  If you are using wifi where available, however, this is probably not going to be an issue for most people.  Also, the phone has a few handy tools built-in to monitor your usage, as well as alert you to when you are getting close to your data threshold.  There are also some settings you can tweak to allow certain applications access to wi-fi only.  Also, just because you have access to 4G data, it's not available everywhere.  Your mileage will vary.

How was service? Excellent.  This phone is now my daughter's ONLY cell phone.  She has ditched the tracfone and is a little bummed she invested a couple of hundred bucks awhile back for a new iPod Touch.  She really feels like this phone can do everything, and having two gadgets is redundant for what she uses them for.  She has been able to easily set up her account to charge her debit card when she needs service, and I have shown her how to change plans, if necessary to get the best buy.  If she's going to be home for most of the month, she can switch to a lower plan, BUT if she happens to visit a location that's away from wifi, she can up her data plan to give her access to the apps she uses, as well as talk and texts.  It's great for her to be able to talk freely with her friends via text message; she hated having to remind them that each text cost her 1 minute with her old plan.

The Moto X I reviewed comes with 16 GB memory, 3G + 4G LTE Data, 16GB Internal Memory, Android 4.4.2 operating system, 10MP Camera, 4.7" AMOLED Display, and your choice of black or white body.  It currently runs $299, but there is no contract and you can start or stop service any time.

Find out about all the available plans, phones, and terms of service at the official Republic Wireless website!  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

*Phone and service received to try. Opinions are my own.