Review of Muppets Most Wanted on Blu-Ray and DVD

Growing up, I was a Muppet fanatic. I really, honestly wanted to marry Kermit the Frog (who wouldn't?) So, when the newest installment in the Muppet movie franchise -- Muppets Most Wanted -- hit homes this month, we were really, really excited.  I was also super-stoked to learn that Ricky Gervais (of Britain's The Office fame) was going to star in it!

Like every other movie, this had more than its fair share of dry, tongue-in-cheek humor, which made it very appealing to teens and adults.  It was appropriate for kids, too -- although a bit slow moving in parts.  My younger kids weren't as into it as I thought they would be, but anytime they started to lose interest, another smart song came on.  In true Muppet-fashion, it was a musical.  It had many clever lines to remember, and the plot was more complex than I expected.

The premise is pretty fun (if not a bit dated), Kermit's evil twin (who is nothing like Kermit) tries to infiltrate the gang and get them to unknowingly commit an international crime. Meanwhile, Kermie is behind bars at the hands of a villian played by Tina Fey.  Between the German accents and the Vaudeville-like performances, it will definitely resonate with grownups more than kids in many scenes.  The familiarity of the Muppets, however, is enough to delight kids.  Those who like the Muppets should enjoy it.

For a family-friendly movie experience that is anything but mind-numbing, Muppets Most Wanted wins all around.  Find it on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital download at Amazon today!

*Screener received. Opinions are my own.