Say Goodbye to Mistakes with the Smooth Style of Pilot Frixion Gel Pens

What's the one school supply you can't get enough of? Pens!  My kids burn through pens like loaves of bread (which is significant considering how many sandwiches we eat.)  Cheap pens won't do, and they also need to be of various colors.

The Pilot FriXion Clicker Gel Pens are the most exciting item in our supplies for back-to-school this year.  They come in exciting colors (like fuschia and teal) and remind me of the gel pens I used to write with in the 90's.  These pens do have one more feature that mine didn't, however, and that is the very effective eraser.  These pens write cleanly and erase cleanly, too.  (See the picture of a math problem gone wrong, with barely any evidence of the number erased.)  While I've usually avoided having the kids use pens for their homework and writing in their workbooks, these pens have me reconsidering.  They are easy on hands and prevent the frustration of ripping paper and eraser flakes all over the place.  The smooth writing feel is perfect for our students who are learning manuscript, too!  (I also like the red one for correcting papers.)

These pens are priced at $13.70 for a pack of 7, but you can save an extra $1.00 with an exclusive coupon you'll get when you attend the Walmart FriXion Clicker In-Store Shopper Event taking place tomorrow (Saturday, August 9th) from 11 am - 6pm at stores across the country. Just approach the testing station, try out a pen, and get your savings!

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