The Best Baby Travel Must-Haves for #MySummerJourney

New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta, Arkansas.... these are all the places we've gone with our newest baby.  We are scheduled to go a few more places this year, too.  Several 2-day trips to places within state are planned.  All of these trips, however, require lots of planning and lots of stuff!

Taking baby places can be quite the challenge.  Even the best-behaved little one requires diapers, clothes, travel gear and toys.  And while we have learned to downsize to just the essentials on most of our trips, we also know that having the right extras on hand can make or break a trip; a stressed out baby is no fun for anyone!

Whether we have headed out to the front yard or across 5 counties to see family, one item we have found to be indispensable is the Disney Baby Cars Lightning McQueen Walker from Safety 1st.  It's a very stable and very engaging toy that my son loves being in.  When there isn't enough room in the house for him to get around (our house is small), we set him out in the yard where he can move around among the clover.  The toys on the dash light up and make noises; and they come off when you want to have a clear surface for snacks or other activities. I've considered this to be a lifesaver on days when the older kids are in our pool and he's not willing to go swimming.  We can chill out and watch the kids without him getting bored!

When we're out and about in the car, there is a product that I've considered a "must-have" for all of my babies.  It is the Safety 1st Baby on Board Sunshade, and it can keep little ones (and grown-ups too) from getting too much sun and becoming uncomfortable when riding.  Even though many car seats (including the OnBoard 35 Air) have sun shades built in, they may not provide all the shade a baby needs in certain times of the day.  Keeping glaring light away from them helps them to ride peacefully and even get a nap in!

For bigger kids, safety is still important.  So is style!  That's why I was super excited to see that the BoostaPak Belt-Position Booster Seat was such a win for my 7-year-old.  It looks like a backpack when stored, and my son can easily carry it out to the car himself (which is a big deal; he's very small.)  When he gets to the car, it takes just minutes to set it up with the safety belt adjusted to the perfect height for him.  (Note that this works only on car seats with a shoulder belt.)  

Since he's small for his age, he doesn't have to feel embarrassed carrying around a car seat when we switch cars or when he visits friends and family.  This would be good for the older child who still needs a booster but wants a more "grown-up" way to transport and store it.

It goes without saying that parenting 6 kids would be much more difficult without the right gear.  These products from Safety 1st make me feel like my kids are secure, wherever we travel!  For more info on their products, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter!

Wanna Win?  We are giving one lucky reader the chance to win the BoostaPak we reviewed above.  To be entered to win, just tell us where you will travel that the product will come in handy.  You have until August 29th at 11:59 pm CST to get your entries in.  One entry per person.  U.S. 18+ only.

*Samples received from Safety 1st to review.  Opinions are my own.