3 Steps to a Better Baby Bedtime

See that face? That's the face of a determined almost-one-year-old.  He doesn't want to go to bed. He nurses constantly.  He is not happy.  He needs sleep.  (And so does mom.)

We never guessed that our newborn baby who hated baths would become a huge fan of the nighttime ritual.  In fact, a bath is the single guaranteed way I know to change his mood and get him ready for the next part of the night.  In this case, we have been using Johnson's Baby products to transition more smoothly into the bedtime routine.  Here is how it works:

1.  Use the  Johnson's Baby Bedtime Moisture Wash in the tub by putting it under running water. It doesn't bubble up too much, but gives the water a nice soothing feel and scent.  It also works great on a bath poof!

You can also choose the Johnson's Baby Shampoo with the same soothing ingredients.  It doesn't make baby's eyes tear up, and it helps baby rock a fine fauxhawk!

2.  Once baby has had a chance to splash, play, and generally get all the wiggles out, it's time to get out of the tub and have a massage. (Yes, babies love massage!)

If you're little one is like mine, getting settled for the massage may time a few minutes. My curious kid has to investigate EVERYTHING before being OK with having the lotion put on.

Our little guy loves massage, but is also very ticklish!  To keep it from becoming a more stimulating experience than it should be for just before bed, we avoid his ticklish areas (the feet, thighs, and neck) -- and focus on the arms and hands, instead.  The smell of the Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion is amazing......

(New to infant massage? This handy guide can help you get a good start!)

3.  It's now time for bedtime!  Our baby usually goes to bed a few hours before I do, so we use time in the rocker together as our final activity before he goes to sleep.  Nursing is a special way to bond, make sure he is well hydrated, and easy his anxieties.  He usually has milk for about 15 minutes, then pushes me away and nestles into my arms.  He knows I'm going to carry him half-awake into his bed where he will finally fall asleep.

Is the process of putting a baby to bed a long one? Yes.  Do I sometimes complain because I have already had a very tiring day?  Yes.  But this is my last baby. I know that this time won't last long.  Using the 3-step process helps to make the bedtime routine efficient, without making it impersonal.

To get more details on all the ways to implement the process, as well as to get tools to help, visit the Johnson's website!  (You can also download their FREE app with sleep tips, white noises, and more!)

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