Baby + Books = Easier Travel

We recently traveled with our youngest, an almost 1-year-old boy, on a trip to New Orleans. There were two flights each way, lasting over three hours total.  By the time we arrived, he was tired, and I was tired from having to entertain a squirmy guy who just wanted to get down from my lap and explore.

One of the ways we made it through the adventure was with books.  These two titles from Parragon were especially useful in keeping him engaged, and they are rugged enough to toss into your travel bag for last-minute getaways.

Fairy Tale Slide and See (Little Red Riding Hood) -- $7.99

This is a baby version of a "pull-out" book with sliding panels that pop out of the pages for extra story telling.  They are super sturdy, so there is little risk of baby breaking them off or pulling them out completely.  He really liked looking at the animals in the story!

Sleepy Puppy -- $14.99

This is a "lovey" and book in one; the board book comes packaged with a small puppy with a blanket-like body.  It's small enough to tuck into your diaper bag for those meltdowns where baby needs to self soothe.  The packaging is nice enough to give as a gift, too!

Learn more about what Parragon has to offer at their website, or read our other reviews of Parragon books!

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