Homeschool Helps: Review of Zingo! Time Telling Game

Educational games don't always go over very well with my kids.  If they are overtly "educational" they call me on it; they really just want to have fun with their games, and I can't blame them!

Zingo! is a completely different kind of "time telling" game.  First, it's just like a traditional game we already know: Bingo. Second, it some with this very clever "dealer" that spits out the game pieces neatly into a tray.  Kids can return unused pieces into the slots in the top (like a mailbox.) This clever design is not only very attractive to kids, but it is very sturdy and keeps pieces from going missing.

My kids ages 4-11 all played this game together.  The cards are two-sided, with the times filled in on one side for the younger kids.  Children try to get pieces to fill in their Zingo cards for both the hour and minute hands of the clocks shown.  They can take turns being "dealer", but I let the 4-year-old do this job.  He loved it!

Putting away the game is easy, too.  Just pop all the tiles back into the dispenser and stack up the cards!  My kids actually argued over who could put the pieces away.

This game is available at a pretty decent price given what games go for these days.  If your child already knows how to tell time, it may not last years, but it's perfect for a homeschool family, library, or classroom environment with multiple kids of varying ages.

Find this game at the ThinkFun website.