New Parragon Titles: I Dream of Pigs

Picture books are so important to a child's world.  They help facilitate learning and creativity in a way that no structured curriculum or computer game ever could.  Parragon Books has once again taken my childrens' imagination captive with two new titles available in hardcopy.

The Good Little Bad Little Pig was the comical of the two.  This book by Margaret Wise Brown of "GoodNight Moon" fame tells exactly what it would be like to have a pig in your domestic life.  How do I know how accurate it is? We had a pig in the house growing up!

The trouble this little pig gets into is actually similar to some of the predicaments little boys can get into.  Maybe that's why my little guys giggled so much while we read this together.  And the pictures are delightful!

The second title, Wish Upon a Dream is a more whimsical, classic reading.  It's perfect for bedtime, and it is soothing with enchantment.  This book is also by Wise Brown.

These two books are both very sweet, and appropriate for all children!

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